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Main » 2010 » October » 23 » LeexSpeed 2010 Ultimate v1.9 Build 5212 - KL
4:35 AM
LeexSpeed 2010 Ultimate v1.9 Build 5212 - KL
LeexSpeed 2010 Ultimate v1.9 Build 5212 - KL

LeexSpeed 2010 Ultimate v1.9 Build 5212 | 215 MB

LeexSpeed 2010 Ultimate is the most powerful and professional to date software, which contains in itself more than 50 tools such as: antivirus, firewall, defragmenter, disk cleanup, hiding IP addresses, different managers, the restoration of Hard and Flash devices, and much more ...

LeexSpeed 2010 Ultimate has a built-in artificial intelligence that will reduce the expendable energy from the battery of your laptop by reducing the brightness and sound depending on the day, quick response to the processor and control supply, reduce the compression and memory. In addition, General (artificial intelligence) supports the performance of your computer constantly, including defragmentation, cleaning, or timely updates of drivers, or just watching bugs and serviceability of equipment.

LeexSpeed 2010: Accelerator
Automatic built-in utility for accelerating the Internet (up to 5 times). While the actual data transfer speed for your internet connection can not be changed, if only through modernization of equipment, Accelerator can improve the efficiency of existing equipment modem / network hardware by optimizing settings.

LeexSpeed AntiVirus
LeexSpeed AntiVirus provides a powerful antivirus and antispyware protection for your PC from malicious attacks. The main advantage is fast work. LeexSpeed AntiVirus does not slow your computer has a built in artificial intelligence who has repeatedly proven its ability to protect your computer up to 99.99 percent.

LeexSpeed 2010: Audio Correct Errors
Audio Correct Errors is a powerful and professional utility to find and fix registry errors, mistakes in plugins and other components.
When you delete an audio programs, invalid entries can cause various errors in the future will bring many challenges, ranging from slowing down your computer and up to lockups and outages.

LeexSpeed 2010: Auto-Brightness Control and Auto-Volume Control
This is one of the few system tools to adjust brightness and sound on the PC. The utility will analyze the work on the computer and adjust the brightness and volume automatically depending on current work, day or time of year.

LeexSpeed 2010: Backup Data
Software for easy and reliable backup and recovery. LeexSpeed can create a full backup of your PC and backup to restore individual files and folders.

LeexSpeed 2010: Battary Test
Battary Test tester tool designed to identify the potential of laptop battery. The utility will measure the minimum time the notebook with load and without.
If the program is able to identify the cause of unstable charging or discharging, it will be fixed at 90 per cent of cases, and your battery back to the previous functionality, just a couple of minutes ....

LeexSpeed 2010: CleanUp
CleanUp utility to clean the disk of debris can also compress the file system is not used.
There are three types of treatment: Fast, Medium (Normal), Enhanced

LeexSpeed 2010: Compatibility
With the release of new versions of Windows, the old software does not work. Very rarely compiled software that is compatible with many different processor architectures and core architecture Windows. Typically, applications compiled for different processors and operating systems can not be run on another system.
LeexSpeed analyze your programs and run them with the necessary parameters.

LeexSpeed 2010: Computer Manager
Computer Management is a set of administrative tools Windows, you can use to manage local or remote computer. All utilities are organized into a single console that allows easy viewing of administrative options and access to the tools they need to perform computer-management tasks.

LeexSpeed 2010: Defragmentation
Defragment and optimize the process of updating the logical structure of the disk partition to ensure that store files in a continuous sequence of clusters. After defragmenting speeds up read and write files, and therefore work programs.
There are three types: Fast, Medium (Normal), Enhanced

LeexSpeed 2010: Error Correction
Errors in browsers, email programs and other bugs .... - Are able to slow down and destabilize your computer, but in order that would prevent this, there should be clean and repair the registry keys. Error Correction to correct their mistakes and return the performance of your computer.

LeexSpeed 2010: Firewall
The firewall is part of a computer system or network that is designed to prevent unauthorized access, allowing an authorized connection to go online.

LeexSpeed 2010: Incompatibility
Allows you to identify problems with the incompatibility of iron, which will greatly reduce the problems and failures in the PC. The result is given in view of the statement of two or more equipments and boards are not compatible on your PC.

LeexSpeed 2010: Manager IP
Hide IP is a ready web browser uses a custom proxy which will hide the real IP address.
You could also use Hide IP that would send the anonymous letter in the mail or leave messages on forums without displaying your own address IP.
IP Manager also gives you all the information about your IP
It only works when you subscribe

LeexSpeed 2010: Mem & CPU Optimization
Powerful software to optimize memory and CPU.

LeexSpeed 2010: Password Saved
Is an effective tool to manage your passwords. You never forget your password. The program protects your passwords from external access. Rather convenient to use.

LeexSpeed 2010: Programs
The best and easiest way to completely remove any unwanted application that standard Windows does not erase completely.

LeexSpeed 2010: Register Optimization
Safely cleans errors from invalid entries that cause system slowdowns.
Problems with the Windows registry are a common cause of Windows crashes and error messages.

LeexSpeed 2010: Search Drivers
This handy software will keep your system up to date automatically get the latest drivers from the manufacturer.

LeexSpeed 2010: Speed Test
This is a test determining the speed of downloading files from the Internet. Accuracy reaches about 90 percent.

LeexSpeed 2010: StartUp
Long the system load is often caused by a large number of programs at startup in the registry or the Startup folder. Using this tool you can view the Startup list and remove unnecessary programs.

LeexSpeed 2010: Status Direction
Simple and easy to use software to turn off the computer automatically at the chosen time period.

LeexSpeed 2010: Submitting Report
Permanent hangs or unexpected equipment malfunction? This is not a problem, describe your problem. Submitting Report creates a report containing installed software and hardware, creates a copy of the roster and give the experts from leexsoft.
It only works when you subscribe

LeexSpeed 2010: Temperature
High temperatures can damage your PC computer, as well as many other electronic components. Excessive heat can make your CPU is unstable or even cause the PC to restart itself. LeexSpeed constantly monitors the temperature and will alert if the temperature is higher than the average maximum.

LeexSpeed 2010: Tweaker
Software tool for Windows Vista and Windows 7 for fine tuning or adjustment of a complex system.

LeexSpeed 2010: UnFolder
A utility for removing files and folders in the usual way to remove it is not possible, because the patched system displays a message that the file can not be deleted because it is being used by another application.
After starting the Unfolder solves this problem in a few clicks

LeexSpeed 2010: USB Disc Correction
The tool is designed to restore functionality of USB-drive after a complete collapse.

LeexSpeed 2010: USB Safe Eject
The tool is designed to extract the USB-devices.

LeexSpeed 2010: USB-Disk Security
Standalone antivirus designed based on the popular technology that can detect viruses, spyware and other threats from the USB-Flash. The main feature is the fact that there is no need to run antivirus and install antivirus software on your computer, it will all happen automatically, as soon as the Flash drive is inserted into the USB.

LeexSpeed 2010: Virtual Hard
You want to create a separate sector of the hard disk to store files to which you frequently access? This is not a problem, a virtual hard drive is exactly - what you're looking for! Just two clicks and you can create a new partition without formatting, and just as easy to remove without losing data

Year: 2010
Name of Program: LeexSpeed 2010 Ultimate
Program Version: 1.9 Build 5212
Latest version: 1.9 Build 5212
Language: English
Treatment: Complete
System requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7 x86 and x64

Category: Software | Views: 736 | Added by: kalong_12 | Rating: 0.0/0
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