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Main » 2010 » October » 23 » Pinnacle Studio 14 HD Multilingual/RUS + Content (19.10.2010) - KL
3:48 AM
Pinnacle Studio 14 HD Multilingual/RUS + Content (19.10.2010) - KL
Pinnacle Studio 14 HD Multilingual/RUS + Content (19.10.2010) - KL

Pinnacle Studio 14 HD Multilingual/RUS + Content (19.10.2010) | 3.87 GB

Take advantage of powerful features for a professional editor, easily performs operations that are under your control. Tell his story through selective high-definition video, stunning effects, smooth transitions and animations, sound, Dolby Digital ® 5.1 and technology company Avid ® (used in most of the most popular films).
Then prepare to make their feelings to infect the entire world, translating them into widescreen format, which is required for viewing.
The possibility of extending limited only by your creative imagination: from the Blu-ray and AVCHD to YouTube, iPod, Nintendo Wii and all other unmentioned formats.

Please capture and editing to tell their story. Pinnacle Studio ™ HD - it's pretty powerful program, which, however, easy to use. It is easy to add emotion through music, increases stress, joy or surprise, editing scenes, and seeking influence with the assembly order, transitions, animation and effects. Our intuitive interface based on drop makes capturing photos and video from a camcorder or digital camera, phone or computer to create their own high-quality high-definition movies. After share your masterpieces with friends, family or the world using the direct uploading to web sites like YouTube in Studio HD.

Capture, edit and tell your story. Pinnacle Studio ™ HD is plenty powerful, yet a cinch to use. Easily add emotion with music, heighten suspense, hilarity or surprise by editing scenes and create impact with Montage Themes, transitions, animations and effects. Our user-friendly drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for you to grab photos and videos from your video or still digital camera, phone or computer to create your own high-quality HD movies. Once finished, share your masterpieces with friends, family ... or the world with Studio HD direct upload to sharing sites like YouTube.

Ext. Information:
• We recommend installing a separate OC Windows XP Pro SP3, or any version of Windows VISTA, Windows 7 installed on a formatted separate physical hard drive assigned it a drive letter "C". Can be installed and a separate system partition assigned to it a drive letter other than "C", but in this case would require additional configuration Pixelan Effects.
• Before installing Studio 14, Windows XP is recommended to install the system:
- Microsoft NetFrameWork 1.1
- Microsoft NetFrameWork 2.0
- Microsoft NetFrameWork 2.0 sp1
- Microsoft NetFrameWork 3.0
- Microsoft NetFrameWork 3.5 sp1 (in the absence of established installer studio 14 - need to reboot)
- UDF 2.5 driver to work with BluRay drives
- Wmp11-windowsxp-x86-ru
- Wmv9VCM
- Microsoft DirectX_ avgust2009
- Kmplayer
• Before installing Studio 14, Windows VISTA, Windows 7 is recommended to install the system
- Wmv9VCM
- Microsoft DirectX_avgust2009
- Kmplayer
• Installation of Studio 14 to make after installing all necessary software for
• All plants produce by default, without changing the ways proposed installers.
• Up to full completion of all installations Studio 14 does not run. It is desirable to strictly adhere to the proposed order of installations.

Options (* new Studio HD):
Editing HD * • Direct recording to DVD and upload to YouTube (with the export widescreen versions), other web sites, etc. • Use the capture of still images to create amazing animation effects and the effects of acceleration * • Correct the shots taken shaky camera, with the help of technology used in major films * • Export your movies in the format of Flash, QuickTime, AVCHD, PS3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox and in other formats, and sound - in the format MP3 • New kinds of titles, DVD menus and effects * • Add animation and Hollywood-style transitions with more than 80 themes installation.

Import formats
Video: AVCHD *, BD Blu-ray *, DV, HDV, AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DivX ® *, MPEG-4 *, 3GP (MPEG-4) *, WMV, unencrypted titles for the DVD (including DVD-VR / VR), and QuickTime ® (DV, MPEG-4 *, H.264 *) • Audio: MP3, MPA, WAV, AC3 *, WMA • Graphics: BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, PSD, TGA, TIF, WMF, PNG, J2K

Export Formats
AVCHD, DVD (DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD R or DVD RW, dual layer), S-VCD, Video CD (VCD) • Apple ® iPod ®, Sony ® PSP/PS3, Nintendo ® Wii, formats compatible with Microsoft ® Xbox • Files DV, HDV, AVI, DivX *, RealVideo ® 8, WMV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 *, Flash, 3GP *, WAV, MP3 *, QuickTime ® (format SD) • Dolby ® Digital (audio in 2 channel and 5.1 channel)

Capture video
* Capture from DV, HDV, Digital8 camcorders or VCR (requires a FireWire ® port on your PC)
* Capture from analog camcorders, 8 mm, HI 8, VHS, SVHS, VHS-C, SVHS-C, or VCR (NTSC / PAL / SECAM. (You want to Pinnacle or Dazzle video equipment)
* Import from AVCHD * and other file based Camcorders, Digital Still Cameras, Mobile Devices and Webcams via USB

Video output
* Output to DV, HDV or Digital8 tape (requires camcorder with FireWire Input port and a PC with a DV / FireWire)
* Output to analog videotape (requires DirectShow compatible video card output to analog output)

The list of equipment supported by Studio 14:
* 710-USB
* 510-USB
* 700-USB
* 500-USB
* MovieBox Deluxe
* DVC-101
* DVC-103
* DVC-107
* DVC-100
* DVC-1990
* DVC-130
* DVC-170
* Pinnacle Studio Deluxe 2 (700-PCI)
* Pinnacle AV / DV (500-PCI)
* MovieBox DV
* Any Equipment Interface IEEE1394.

Version Comparison Chart Studio 14
Pinnacle Studio 14 HD [Multilingual incl Russian]

Pinnacle Studio version 14, the ReadMe file
Pinnacle - a division of Avid

Congratulations! You were able to create professional-quality videos. If you have problems with handling the program Studio HD, Studio Ultimate Studio Ultimate Collection, or version 14 user's manual and read the text.

Technical Notes

1. Updates
When you start Pinnacle Studio, you may be prompted to install the software update. Recommend that you perform the upgrade, as this will improve the performance Studio. Latest updates can be found on the web page

2. Tool SmartMessenger the Studio
The program Pinnacle Studio has a built-SmartMessenger. It tells about the latest updates to Studio in order to ensure maximum application performance. In addition, this tool gathers statistics on the performance and stability of the Studio. This information is used for statistical analysis and helping the company improve its Avid products. This report does not contain any personal information about you or your computer. To disable the automatic startup Smart Messenger, in the Studio in the Help menu, select "Software Updates" and then select "Ask before checking for updates. If your computer is not connected to the Internet, are advised to regularly check for updates on a Web page

3. Testing Graphics
In Pinnacle Studio for processing and playback of video in real time using the GPU graphics card, so the work of these programs depends largely on the graphics hardware, as well as the driver releases the monitor. When you first start Studio checks opportunities graphics card and driver. In some cases, the message about the need to upgrade your graphics card driver or monitor.

4. Memory graphics card
Pinnacle Studio uses the graphics card to calculate the effects. Resolution video, which you can edit, is determined by the amount of memory your graphics card:

Windows XP
· 64 MB - only standard definition video (SD)
· 128 MB - high-definition video (HD) with resolutions up to 1280x720
· 256 MB - high-definition video (HD) resolution up to 1920x1080

Windows 7 and Windows Vista
· 128 MB - only standard definition video (SD)
· 256 MB - high-definition video (HD)

Using a card with larger memory than specified above may lead to increased productivity in HD. To achieve optimum results with HD, we recommend to use a graphics card with 512 MB or 1024 MB memory.

Some graphics cards reserve 16 MB of memory for internal use, so it may be impossible to edit video with the expected resolution. For example, the NVIDIA Quadro card with 128 MB of memory can only be used to edit video in SD, and the Quadro card with 256 MB of memory can only be used for editing HD video up to 720p.

Shared memory - graphics cards that do not have their own dedicated memory and use the main computer's RAM is not supported by video editing HD. These boards are built-in graphics cards Intel (i845, i860, i915, i940) and nVidia TurboCache.

5. Screen resolution lower than 1024x768 pixels
Pinnacle Studio 14 does not support display resolution lower than 1024x768. If the resolution of your monitor below 1024x768 pixels at the edges of Interface Studio will be visible to the scroll bar.

6. Use of the content of the versions of Pinnacle Studio 10 or Studio 11 at Studio 14
Welcome Screen Setup Studio 14 includes a tool "Transfer content, which moves the contents of the programs installed Studio 10 or Studio 11, to use it at Studio 14. This tool collects and organizes your name, sound and video effects, transitions, menus, DVD, modules, music and other content created or acquired in an electronic store, or obtained from other sources.
Note: the content installed in the Studio 12 do not have to endure, and so it will be available in Studio 14.

è If you have a version of Studio 10 or 11 and want to transfer the contents of this release, first install the Studio 14, follow the procedure to transfer content, and then delete the old version.

After installing Studio 14, click "Transfer content" on the welcome page of the installer and follow the instructions.

Tool "Migrating content is also available in the main menu after installing Studio 14.

7. Opening old projects in the Pinnacle Studio 14
When you open the project files created in previous versions of Studio, the Studio 14, it converts the format of the project. You are prompted to create a backup version of the original project. To access the backup copy of the draft version of the Open Studio, which was created by the original project, and import the backup file. For example, if the project is called "My film 1.stx», his backup will be called "My film is a BACKUP.stx». By default, backup files are stored in your My Documents / Pinnacle Studio / My Projects ».

8. Editing AVCHD files
AVCHD - is the newest format of high definition video camcorder. This format is based on the codec H.264, provides high compression with minimal loss of quality. The result is a small HD-quality videos that provide a more sophisticated compression scheme. To handle these files requires a more powerful processor and more system memory. Make sure your computer meets the system requirements listed below.

System Requirements
• For editing AVCHD video with a resolution of 1440 x 1080 requires an Intel ® Core ™ 2 Duo or i7 with a frequency of 2.4 GHz.
Video-editing AVCHD with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 requires an Intel ® Core ™ 2 Quad or i7 with a frequency of 2.66 GHz.
· 2 GB of system memory
· Graphics card compatible with DirectX ® 9 or 10, with memory capacity 256 MB or more
· Windows XP requires you to install UDF 2.5 driver to recognize the AVCHD DVD (or CD BD)
· Recommended to use 64-bit version of Windows Vista or Windows 7.

When editing the AVCHD files system performance is mainly determined by the complexity of the project. When working with AVCHD projects should consider the following.
• When you import AVCHD clip in the album spent more time creating thumbnail frames than in similar cases, when you import clips using other codecs SD and HD.
• When you add transitions between clips AVCHD preview may not work until it is completed background rendering.
• When using themes Montage and add effects, picture in picture (using the overlay track) preview may not work until it is completed background rendering. In the preview window you may see an exclamation point, indicating that the background rendering is not yet complete.
· NOT recommended Motion backgrounds in the DVD menu or click thumbnails when creating DVD.
· Big performance in the preview with a lower-resolution preview of the creation of Mpeg-2.
(Settings / Options video and audio / Allow view the full resolution = unchecked; Background rendering: installed to view the Mpeg-2).
• High performance off background rendering: you can enable it only at the completion of the project.
(Settings / Options video and audio / Allow view the full resolution = unchecked).

Important Note on AVCHD disc playback
Do not insert the AVCHD discs in the device, do not support AVCHD. Problems may arise from removing the disc or data disc can be erased after you are prompted to format the disk.

10. Support for cameras HDV, DV and Digital 8
If, during the switch to capture an error message, you may need to configure a special setting in Windows to support your camera. In Device Manager, Windows Explorer, select "Controller Bus 1394» (OHCI-compliant host controller IEEE 1394 bus), and then click Properties. Click the Settings tab. Check "Support incompatible devices. Restart the computer. Windows will detect the camcorder when it is connected, and download the appropriate drivers.

11. Transcoding DV into MPEG Capture
Transcoding DV into MPEG capture depends on the CPU speed is impossible, if CPU speed is less than 2 GHz.

12. Dropped frames during capture
During video capture appears counter "missed". If the value of the counter is nonzero, then some frames of video missing. A large number of missed shots result in poor quality video and audio ("open" image and sound). Dropped frames may occur as a result of the low-speed computer system, often associated with the speed of a hard drive or video card.

13. Funds capture MovieBox and 700-USB: several sources capture
Do not connect multiple cameras and video recorders, which act as sources, the connectors USB-700 and 1394/FireWire MovieBox device and analog inputs simultaneously. Always disconnect one device before connecting another.

14. Connecting or removing USB 2.0 devices to capture process
Pinnacle MovieBox device when performing in the Studio play or capture analog video require high performance tires USB 2.0. It is recommended not to connect or disconnect the other devices USB 2.0, for example, discs or video camera during capture and playback, as this can lead to rupture of the video stream.
It is not recommended to capture at the drive connected to the same bus as the capture device.

15. Video playback on second screen
Some screens can display video with the wrong aspect ratio (ie, the image is stretched vertically or tapered) or can be shifted relative to the center. This happens on some monitors with a lower frequency of updates. To correct this problem, set the monitor refresh rate of 50 Hz. If this option is not available, adjust the monitor.

16. SVCD-drive and a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio
Specification SVCD-ROM drive does not support video in 16:9 format. If you want to encode videos in 16:9 format and burn to SVCD-ROM, you must manually change the aspect ratio of the output device to view the material in the correct widescreen format.

17. Export WMV to Windows XP
Export WMV to Studio 14 in the Windows XP operating system can cause problems if you have installed Windows Media Player to version 11. Update your Windows Media Player to version 11 or higher version.

18. Volume Scorefitter with 5.1 sound card in Vista
When using a sound card 5.1 in Windows Vista and connecting the two speakers, the volume of the music Scorefitter can be in the project are lower than in the album.

19. Plug-ins Studio Ultimate and the Ultimate Collection
If you are working with independent developers of plug-ins there are any problems, refer to the help in the editor plug-ins, or some guides on the site
Each of these modules is supplied by Red Giant and is not a production of Pinnacle. For more information, educational materials, answers to questions, forums, and other information are available on the website of Red Giant.

Red Giant Software
13619 Pendleton Mills Court
Fort Wayne IN 46814

Memory requirements for the graphics card when you use the plug-in Magic Bullet Looks Red Giant Company in Studio Ultimate Collection
To Magic Bullet Looks is required graphics card with a specific feature. Without the correct maps of this program will not be able to install or run. The installer will warn you that you have not installed the necessary graphics card.
Magic Bullet Looks supports a wide range of cards from ATI and NVIDIA. In the case of ATI cards for Magic Bullet Looks want the 9600 XT or a more modern, or map a series of X, starting with a series X700. Maps with large numbers of models, which have at least 128 MB of RAM, can be used to start the subsystem Looks.
If we are talking about cards NVIDIA, Magic Bullet Looks supports a model version 6600 and above, as well as versions QuadroFX 1300 and later versions. To start Looks can use the maps with large numbers of models in which the set of at least 128 MB of RAM. If users are working with images in a format HD, Magic Bullet Looks requires a graphics card that is installed at least 256 MB of RAM. In all these situations are encouraged to use the latest graphics card driver.
Due to the fact that all the multimedia data is processed with 32-bit word length, to work with the HD picture will need a graphics card with 256 MB of RAM or more.

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