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Main » 2010 » October » 23 » Sporty's COMPLETE Instrument Rating Course on DVD (4 Volume) - KL
6:15 AM
Sporty's COMPLETE Instrument Rating Course on DVD (4 Volume) - KL
Sporty's COMPLETE Instrument Rating Course on DVD (4 Volume) - KL

Sporty's COMPLETE Instrument Rating Course on DVD (4 Volume)
English | ISO | AVC 9244 Kbps, 720x480, 29.97 fps | AC3 384 Kbps | 6.25 GB
Genre: Elearning

A course impressive not only in it's capabilities but also in the way it uses the latest computer technology to make it more accessible and multifacted than ever. There's extensive use of 3-D graphics, in-flight video and detailed charts that demystify some of the tougher concepts.

Earn Your Instrument Rating--it's Guaranteed!
Pass all 3 tests or get your money back--written test, oral exam and flight test


* Become a better pilot. Instrument training will make you more disciplined and precise in the cockpit, no matter what type of flying you do.
* Get more utility from your airplane. You won't have to cancel an important trip just because of a thin cloud layer or a forecast of morning fog.
* Understand weather. With an instrument rating, you will interact with weather every time you fly, and learn how to make your own forecasts.
* Improve your communications skills. Because instrument flying requires constant contact with the air traffic control system, you'll quickly become a pro.


* Save hours of flight lessons. Because you can prepare for each flight lesson beforehand, you'll go to your next lesson prepared, and be more efficient with your instructor in the airplane.
* Learn at your own pace. Unlike a traditional ground school, it's easy to review segments multiple times or skip ahead if needed.
* Go beyond passing a test. Flying IFR is much more than passing an FAA test--Sporty's shows you all the real world details you need to know. Our course is so complete, it has been accepted by the FAA for use in approved flight schools.
* Learn from the experts. We pioneered weekend instrument ground schools 50 years ago, so we know what it takes to prepare pilots for instrument flying.

Earn FAA WINGS Credit!
Sporty's Instrument Rating Course makes a great refresher after you have your rating. You can even earn FAA Pilot Proficiency Program (WINGS) credit when you complete the course. The credit is automatically awarded when you watch all the videos and complete two practice tests with passing scores.

Why participate in the WINGS program?

* Satisfy your Flight Review requirement by completing a phase.
* Be eligible for up to a 10% premium savings through AVEMCO.
* Enhance safety through a consistent recurrent training program.

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